Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tourism concept

Is the activity performed by an individual or group of individuals happen with him to move from one place to another or from one country to another for the purpose of performing a specific task or visit a particular place or several places or for the purpose of entertainment and result in access to other civilizations and cultures and add new information and views and meet the peoples and nationalities of multiple directly affects the national income of the countries tourism and create many jobs, industries and multiple investment service activity and elevates the level of performance of the peoples and their culture and published their history and their culture and their customs and traditions.

And currently constitutes an important industry and promising based on the foundations of science and culture ... Is the tourism industry.

And the tourism industry in Alexandria is a revival of the glorious past when Alexandria is the center between the commerce of the East and the West and the forum for the various cultures and civilizations and are achieving for the present has all the elements of the tourism industry and A_i_raca for future in which tourism development and upgrading of environmental and urban and tourism investment is basic pillars underpin the future of Alexandria.

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